Miss Wildfire is an awesome wild fire that just walks up to the middle of the screen, whilst the reels continually spin. While the reels still walk she continuously walks towards the left and touch each symbol on the right path. When all the icons on the right path are set she then exists in the form of an icon that keeps all other unlit logs stuck on the reel. Any log that gets stuck on the reel is automatically replaced by a new one on the left path.

The alchemist becomes Miss Wildfire in many different variations of the slot game. In the first variation of the slot game, Wildfire is depicted as a small glowing orange fire girl with light blue hair and a single blue eye. In this variation Miss Wildfire can only move leftwards or rightwards on the reel. The second variation of Miss Wildfire is the alchemist who has glowing green eyes and green dress. The alchemist appears to float in midair and use a variety of potions to jump from platform to platform and can even shoot fireballs from her hands.

In addition to the fun character of Miss Wildfire, the slot machine game is also based on the latest animated series of the same name, as well as a number of popular books written about alchemy. A number of different versions of the Wildfire game have been released for online play across the world, and the most recent variation, which is the Wildfire Resort, allows players to enter a virtual room and take on the role of Wildfire, the local fire girl. Players need to find the “respins” – small holes which will activate a series of different activities. Players can choose to go shopping, visit the spa, get some information from the locals and so much more. As players progress through the various stages of the game, they will encounter increasingly difficult challenges, enabling them to accumulate points and eventually win the casino game.

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