Nitropolis is actually an online casino from ELK Studios, with 6 revolving reels, 4 columns, and 4,084 possible ways to win. Which is all fine and dandy, if you’re looking for a simple casino game with few variables, and easy payout. But the more you dig into Nitropolis, the more it reveals itself and what it has to offer the player.

The story of Nitropolis revolves around an orphaned baby who gets left alone in an abandoned hospital. There he discovers some mysterious symbols that translate to something called “animal guts” and figures out that these are the key to blockers of secrets. This is where the storyline gets really interesting as you find out how these symbols can help you to get items, special moves, access areas, etc that are otherwise unavailable to you. Plus, the style of gameplay involves all of the aforementioned animals, which helps make animal gang violence seem very plausible.

The one thing I don’t like about Nitropolis is that there is no real money to be made out of the game. So, it’s not like you can buy cars and houses, or gain access to better weapons. The whole concept of the game is not based on greed, but rather on collecting as many animal resources as possible, so you can use those resources to create a set of tools and items that are very powerful and will allow you to dominate other casinos in the region. The storyline may sound interesting, but I have a hard time believing that there would be a market for this game based solely on greed. That said, the graphics and the colorful interface add a nice touch to Nitropolis, which also helps to make the game a little easier to understand.

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