The Most Popular Payment Options Accepted By Online Casinos

One of the most intriguing factors of online casino gaming and gambling experience is having to choose from an extensive list of payment options that the online casino you have chosen to join accepts. Whether it’s making a deposit or a withdrawal, you will have to choose the payment method that you want to use when playing real money games or betting on sports. With the best online casinos offering their players a wide range of payment methods, choosing the right one can be somehow intimidating.

Payment Options Accepted By Online Casinos

Best Payment Options Accepted By Online Casinos

Uploading your hard-earned money to your online casino account so that you can play real money blackjack, roulette or slots is an important part of starting your gambling career. One important thing that many players tend to ignore is the payment method they use to deposit funds into their casino accounts. Are the most obvious payment methods like credit or debit card or possibly Neteller, the best payment options or what is the advantage of using other payment options like prepaid cards or e-wallets? All these are things that every player should consider as he/she contemplates the best payment option they should use to deposit funds into their accounts.

Credit Or Debit Cards

The credit and debit cards have been ranked as the most popular and quickest modes of making payments to an online casino. The main benefits you stand to gain by using the credit or debit cards include no extra charges, speed, and ease of use.

However, the popularity of this payment option started dwindling after the introduction of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

The act makes it illegal for USA banks to process payments that players made to online casinos. Furthermore, most credit companies do not allow USA residents to use their cards to make deposits or withdrawals from gambling sites.

Most USA players often find that their attempts to deposit funds into their online casino accounts do not go through as expected, yet they have money in their cards. This is because most of the credit card companies do not want to process these payments. Nevertheless, numerous online casinos are accepting Americans that still accept payments made via credit or debit cards.

Bank Wire Transfer

Many online casinos usually accept payments made via bank wire transfer. If you check through most online casinos, you will find that almost all of them accept deposits and withdrawals via bank wires. The increased popularity of bank wire as a great way of making payments is because of its safety and reliability.

The usage of bank wire transfers is largely based on the location of the players and the casino. This is because, for players living in the united states, state laws have a lot of impact on the use of bank wires when gambling online.  If online gambling is not allowed in your state, then you will most likely find it hard to deposit or cash out your winnings via the bank wire method because the bank might reject these transactions.

Players living in some states in the US get disappointed when they find that their banks are rejecting such transactions. Furthermore, bank wire transfers are known to take much longer than other banking options before the money is credited to your account. However, the withdrawal delays when cashing out via bank wire can be attributed to the security checks the casino makes to ensure the funds are not sent to the wrong account. They also try to verify whether the bank account is registered under the same personal information that the player has been using at the casino.

Also, you should keep in mind that banks usually charge extra fees for these transactions, which makes it a more expensive option compared to other payment options.

Electronic Payments

As you try to look out for the most feasible payment method that you can use to deposit funds into your account, you will come across electronic wallets. Technological advancements have made it very easy for gamblers to deposit or withdraw funds from their accounts. Unlike other payment options that don’t have different variations, you will be surprised by the wide range of e-wallets that you can use.

Picking the right electronic wallet solution is very easy because there is a wide range of payment options that you can choose from including Ecocard, Neteller, click2pay, and UseMyWallet.

Regardless of the banking option that you opt to use, you should always be careful to ensure you choose a secure method that would compromise your sensitive data.

Online gambling has recently necessitated the consideration of different payment options where casinos are trying their best to make sure they accept a wide range of payment methods as they try to make it easier for their players to sign up and play real money games. Over the years, online casinos have evolved from just accepting payments via bank wire to accepting payments using different methods as outlined on this page.

One thing that you may have realized as you read this post is that each of the payment methods offered by an online casino has its merits and demerits and its upon you to make an informed decision based on the method that you feel would most likely fit your gaming style.

The primary factors that you should consider when choosing the payment method to use when making casino payments include speed, safety, reliability, cost and local laws.

Bottom Line

While there is no perfect payment method that you can use to make payments to an online casino, we strongly recommend that you use a method that is secure so that you don’t end up disclosing your sensitive information. For instance, using e-wallets would be a great way to deposit or withdraw funds from an online casino because everything is processed over the internet. You can use also choose to use bitcoin if the casino site accepts bitcoin payments.











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